How To Deal With Children And Adults With Issues

How To Deal With Children And Adults With Issues

When we deal with people who have issues, be it a kid or an adult, there are a set group of protocols that you should follow.  These protocols have been established by professionals and proven to work.  These professionals are behavioral therapists harahan and here are some thing that they suggest.

Don’t engage

When you have someone that is upset or out of control you don’t want to engage with them.  You want them to release this stress and return to a calm state.  If they become violent or out of control then you may need to take other actions, however, you are best off to let them work through it on their own.


Allow them to talk and for you to listen.  When we talk and try to explain why things they did were wrong or why they should do something another way, then we are just adding fuel to the fire and putting them into a position where they may do something that you don’t want them to do.  But if you allow them to talk and control the conversation then things will typically run smoother.

Have a calming phrase

Everyone needs to have a phrase or saying that they can repeat in their head over and over again that will allow them to focus on the activities at hand and not at what is driving them into their current situation.  This phrase should be between five and seven words.  When they say this phrase it will start a chain reaction in their minds that will bring them down.


behavioral therapists harahan

When it comes to medications many people are on the fence.  Some people believe that you should mediate children and adults while others say you shouldn’t medicate children.  Either way you look at it medications are a good way to help normalize the brain chemistry when needed.  However, abuse of this medication can do more harm than good.  When it comes to medication the best advice that I can give is monitor the situation closely, make sure the medication is accounted for, not abused and dispensed in the proper form and dosage.  If you can do this then future debates can be done on a case by case basis.

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