4 Uncommon Warning Signs of Depression

4 Uncommon Warning Signs of Depression

Depression is a mental illness that affects millions of people in the U.S. It affects up to 6.7% of the population. However, many people battling depression do so alone either because they’re unaware of the condition or due to a lack of support. Suffering in silence hurts and with the depression treatment willoughby options, should never be an option you settle for. Doctors can provide many treatment options to patients after making a proper diagnosis of the condition. Treatment for depression includes:

·    Lifestyle changes

·    Medications/Antidepressants

·    Therapy

·    Exercise

There are many common signs of depression that suggest the problem is affecting your life. This includes changes in mood and interests, feelings of sadness, thoughts of suicide, and others, such as:

·    Sleep problems

·    Lack of energy

·    Loss of appetite

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·    Change in mood and behaviors

Many uncommon signs also persist when depression is around. Many people do not realize these symptoms occur as a result of depression. Uncommon symptoms of depression include:

1.    Unexplained Pain: Your mental health is not the only thing that is negatively affected by depression. It can negatively impact your well-being. Migraine headaches are a common sign of depression.

2.    Inability to Concentrate: Focusing and concentrating is not so simple for a person battling depression. Performing everyday tasks seems nearly impossible for many battling this disorder.

3.    Sleep Problems: Some people with depression sleep too much. It’s all they want to do. Other people do not sleep at all and cannot get comfortable to get any sleep to amount to good night’s sleep.

4.    Irritability: Far too many people do not realize that depression changes the mood. So often, irritability is a condition that occurs as a result of depression. If it seems everything agitates you and other depression symptoms exist, make your appointment with the doctor!

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